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Solar Panel Cleaning

Should you or shouldn't you have your Solar Panels Cleaned...You may have been led to believe that it is not necessary to clean solar panels...but let's qualify that by where you live! If you live in a rainy area of the country, probably not, perhaps you can afford to let nature take its course and clean the panels...but if you live in the Arizona desert, solar panel cleaning is practically a must and the #1 way that you can increase the energy they produce.

Our rainfall is so limited that the few inches that do fall probably only contribute to dirtier panels. And if we have those giant sand storms as we have had several in recent years, you better believe there is a layer of dust that is blocking your energy efficiency. And you may even experience the inevitable "mud storm" where just enough rain is mixed in with the dust to really coat the panels. After one storm we had to have an inch of mud scraped from bottom of the pool.

An accumulation of bird droppings or mineral deposits from rain will also cut back panel efficiency by 15% to 25%, and these do not have to cover the whole solar panel to dramatically decrease your "solar payback".

If you lived on Mars you might benefit from "a cleaning event", the wind on Mars is so forceful it blows the dust completely off the solar panels of probes thereby increasing their energy output...but since that is rather improbable here in Arizona, may we suggest you trust A and S Window Cleaning take on the job of regular Solar Panel Cleaning.

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